Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dodgers in town: Bring it on

Hating the Dodgers is something we all do-- and especially this year.

Since they've sucked for so long, we haven't had to worry about them. But now, since they've righted their ship the past two seasons, the hate has been reinvigorated in the veins of Giants Nation.

Everything from their disgusting city and air to Manny Ramirez and the rest of it-- the Dodgers are to be loathed. It's not very hard.

Unfortunately the MLB Scheduling jerks decided that the Giants and Dodgers didn't need to play each other once between May 10th and August 10th. We've been waiting, chomping at the bit to make up games for months now. The time has come.

I for one am extremely excited. There is a buzz around this Giants team that simply has been absent for years, even the latter Barry years. We've got character... we've got flair.

Quite simply, we're cool. Certainly cooler than the Dodgers.

The semi-ugly Cincinnati series notwithstanding, the Giants are playing good ball. The Friday debacle was the most upsetting game I've seen live since the 1993 Solomon Torres disaster at Dodger Stadium. It is unfortunate though that they were unable to win Sunday, as the momentum would've been nice.

This is going to be a great series, and let's hope the good things from our boys continue.

People are fired up in this city about this team. And with good reason. See you there. Get loud, and get proud.


Check out this great article from Sports Illustrated on Kung Fu Pandoval.

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