Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dodger Stadium Sucks

I try not to do the whole link thing too often, but this is a great one.

This is from and they do features on "Why Your Stadium Sucks." I encourage you to make Deadspin one of your go to websites.

Luckily they did a Dodger Stadium one. And yes, it sucks. I mean just look at this picture. I'm grossed out just by looking at a digital pixelated image of it on a screen. My favorite part is when you're going on 97 minutes of sitting in traffic trying to leave, there's a 1989 Toyota truck in front of you with 8 people staring back at you while the driver blasts music that sounds like a DJ had a one night stand with a mariachi band.

Read it here and here's a little excerpt below to get your juices boiling.

"The incomparable Frank Drebin once said being in prison was like being in the stands at a Raiders game. Well the outfield bleachers at Dodger Stadium were where Traitors fans used to spend their summers. Rowdy fans sporting area code tattoos on their shaved heads, six dollars seats and lots of beer always made for an adventure on a hot summer day or night. While it was a thing of beauty to see the entire Left Field Pavilion flip off Barry Bonds in unison, things could turn ugly very quickly. Fights were the norm and wearing a Giants jersey could get you shanked Oz style outside the stadium. You always had to keep your head on a swivel in the pavilion.

My particular moment came exactly one inning before the greatest World Series homerun ever. As an eight year old kid I was ecstatic to be at the World Series until two drunks picked a fight with an A's fan. The A's fan ended up losing when the two drunks picked him up and threw him three rows down. He landed square on my back and I face planted into the seat in front of me. Fortunately I was a big and sturdy eight year old (read: model for the Husky Juniors catalog) and having a 200 pound man thrown on top of me only busted my upper lip open. So as Kirk Gibson pumped his fists and rounded the bases I held an icepack on my swollen lip and tried not to cry." (Pieper)


God. Dodger fans suck!

I encourage you guys to share your negative Chavez Ravine stories in the comments section.

I was there for the Solomon Torres game back in 1993. That was bad enough of a memory. But yes, you do fear for your own safety as there are 3 times as many Raider fans in LA as there are in the Bay Area. And you know exactly what I mean. I also got burned on the arm as a kid at Disneyland because some slob was smoking in the Thunder Mountain line. Nothing like a good cigarette burn to the arm of a 10 year old. I'm holding the Dodger organization responsible for that because the guy was wearing that grotesque blue and white monstrosity that the Blue Bastards call a hat.

Also, before I go, you've gotta check this one out if you haven't heard of it. It's called "Don't Even Reply: Emails From an A-Hole"

This guy responds to Craig's List ads and tries to confuse and piss them off with absurd stories and propositions. Easily one of the funniest sites I've ever seen. All the friends I sent this to were cracking up at work-- out loud. It's definitely worth it.

Go Giants.


  1. Yeah, Candlestick was a dream. I can't believe you called that a stadium for so long. Sorry, we did it right the first time. How long did it take you, like 50 years? Hope you enjoyed your 1 championship, we got 5 before you even got 1. What a joke of a franchise.

  2. Dogturd Stadium SUCKS. It smells of piss, it's full of gangster wannabes, food and beer are a ripoff, traffic is horrible.. ugh, what a cesspool! DUCK THE FODGERS!