Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Wagner Mateo: 5 Tool Beast

Thanks to MLBTradeRumors for this:

Wagner Mateo has won the Bo Jackson "First Annual Five-Tool Challenge".

Here are some quotes from the article that can be found on the MLBTradeRumors link:

"(Bo Jackson) quickly identified the player who subsequently won the five-event competition.

"Wagner Mateo," said Jackson. "He was the most complete player in the competition."


"Mateo had no trouble seeing fastballs thrown at batting practice speed... as he put on a mammoth display of power hitting in the competition's final two events."


"...he scored particularly high in the strongest arm category with a clocking of 97 mph from the outfield... and left a favorable impression on the five-man judging staff of former major leaguers, with his overall hitting ability-- though his explosive raw power to all fields was ultimately his main selling feature."

Looks like the Cardinals are kicking themselves! Haha. Did they eff up or what? The signing of Mateo isn't official, but by all accounts, something drastic would have to happen for this 16 year old beast not to become a member of the Gyros system.

And with the Villalona situation, this is definitely what we need. It would sure be nice to have BOTH those guys in the system...

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