Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Eff You Adam LaRoche" post

According MLBTR and the AZ Republic, dopehead Adam LaRoche accepted a-- get this-- ONE YEAR, $4.5MM DEAL!

Wow, does he look like an idiot now.

Everyone knew his absurd demands were not going to be met for a $10MM a year deal. Then, the best deal imaginable gets thrown his way on a silver platter by Sabean. He so infamously (and lucky for us) turned down the 2yr./$17.5MM overture by the Gyros, and took $13MM less to sign with the Snakes.

I was a proponent of signing LaRoche while the Giants were courting him, but now, seeing as though he took jack squat from 'Zona, it makes the non-deal look so much better. It also makes the Huff deal look increasingly solid. If Huff puts up similar numbers to ALR, it will be the ultimate "eff you" move to get him.

Hell, even if Huff doesn't match ALR's pace, it's great just to see a greedy bastard get served his medicine like that. Assuming Huff returns to something similar to his career form of .282/.340/.482, LaRoche's career slash line of .274/.343/.491 looks about the same, if not worse considering his price.

It's like, "Oh yeah? You think you're better than $18 million bucks and you don't want to play in San Francisco? Have fun not being involved in the playoff run, and not being able to buy that Caribbean island when you're older because you made less money with Arizona."

And Jesus dude, if you're going to wear a cowboy hat, get a decent Western shirt to go with it. Guy looks like he just got done writing up expense reports in his cubicle. I recommend the George Strait Wrangler Collection. Best shirts on the market.

Adam LaRoche: You got served, bitch.


  1. It's nice to see that he did lose out on money, and thinking his market was higher. Now lets see how he plays this year.

    ~King of Cali
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  2. he will whip the Giants ass!