Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some arbitration answers and a few complaints

Many have inquired, including myself, as to when exactly all this looming arbitration nonsense will be settled. The answer? Soon.

MLB.com has a great article that goes through a lot of the process and includes hard dates.

According to the article, players and teams draw their respective lines in the sand on January 19th. Then, as most high profile cases usually go, the two sides hit the arby hearings beginning on February 1st.

What I love about the article is that Sabean is quoted as saying, "It is not a good system."

Of course it's not-- and it's got Sabes by the shorties. So much about baseball's various systems are screwed up-- from arby hearings to supplementary/compensatory draft picks, rule 5 selections, revenue sharing, luxury taxes, a lack of a salary cap, teams turning profits by tanking and giving away good players... it goes on and on.

I mean, why are these hearings not completed before the free agent signing period begins-- or at least earlier? While the Mets are signing Jason Bay and other deep-pocketed teams can afford to sign first, ask questions later, the Giants are stuck waiting to see what they actually owe their own players. This has gotta be fixed. It's like come on... really? How do expect a level offseason playing field when half the teams in baseball have no idea how much money they have available to spend?

Regardless, these upcoming arby dates are especially relevant for the Gyros due to their pending cases with 3 of their best pitchers. We've spoken about it ad nauseum, but Sabes really has no idea what kind of cash he actually has left in his sub $95MM budget until these disputes are settled.

Timmy will be able to afford a lot more than a couple grams of pot after his raise, I'll tell you that.

Definitely check out the article to bone up on your arby info and history.

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