Saturday, February 27, 2010

This oughta tide you over...

Sorry folks, things have been a little more hectic than usual (which means I actually have to do stuff). Hopefully this picture will tide you over. I took this last night with my Moto Q's camera, with the flash off, at night. It was outside McTeague's on Polk after last call. This is almost like a bigfoot sighting.

The "human being" you are about to feast your eyes on is the sleaziest of all sleazes. Like an evil Marb 100-smoking chameleon of evil intentions and poor judgment.


The black New Era hat on his head with orange insignia is indeed not that of the San Francisco Giants, but of the hated Doyers-- a travesty in all facets. It's obvious why this scumbag would wear our colors-- he's obviously jealous of how cool and awesome we all are. It is not clear however, if this sort of obscene behavior has taken place on our side of things.

Is there such a thing a Dodger Blue Giants hat with a white "SF" in the middle?? Could such a thing have a market? I shudder at the thought. I encourage everyone to give crap to anyone you see wearing these blasphemous hats, because an orange and black Dodgers hat is almost as bad as a blue and white Giants hat.

And McTeague's is a cool bar. Busch in a can and Lonestar? In SF? WIN.


  1. Unfortunately...A blue and white Giants hat exists

    I know everybody loves style, but I really hate all these different kinds of colored hats. If you like hats, just stick with the game hat and that's it. I don't want to see a white Seattle Mariners hat with three Seattle logos (amazing but true

    P.S.: I knew someone who had a blue and white Giants hat ironically. He said it was a "camouflage" Giants hat because he lives in LA (IMO, you got to stick with the Giants, colors and all).

  2. Sad state of affairs. Thanks for the links Kev.

  3. Knew a guy who wore a blue and white Giants hat. He was a douche.

  4. actually, one of my good friends has a blue giants hat

  5. Giants fans should never get a blue Giants hat. I do have a red one but it's the 4th of July one. Got it for $5 with a purchase of a regular Giants hat. Couldn't pass that up. lol

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