Monday, March 22, 2010

Kickass news and changes!

I know many of you were excited to read the new Privacy Policy. Sorry about that, it's required by The Dodgerhater's new partner in crime: The Yardbarker Network and

This is huge on a number of fronts, but the main thing is that this blog gets syndicated on Yardbarker, and any of these posts are eligible to show up on Nothing's really going to change content-wise, it just means that this page's audience grew significantly, and there's a couple more ads on here (let's shoot for $5/month in revenue!).

If it weren't good old-fashioned, red-blooded, Dodger-hating Americans like you, this move wouldn't have been possible, so thanks for reading.

You can still catch weekly Q&A blurbs on, and many of these articles will appear there as well, such as the recent Buster Posey article and the Romo/Runzler article.

Speaking of which, The Dodgerhater made an appearance on last week! Hopefully it's the first of many, and whoever sent in that link is AWESOME!

I think this video expresses my thoughts on the whole situation:

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