Friday, April 30, 2010

From Behind Enemy Lines

I'm currently typing this from a Howard Johnson in a sleazy part of Buena Park, Orange County. I am here against my will, but while getting beer last night, I was reminded as to why I am so thoroughly disgusted by the Dodgers and SoCal in general.

Not only is my second favorite light beer brand tarnished forever, but the box is in Spanish. I'm sorry, I thought this was America. I don't have much time to write anything, but I'll be going to the Dodgers-Pirates game on Saturday and will be raising hell in my Giants hat and rooting for Pittsburgh. If I don't make it out alive, it's been real.

Behold, the object of my disgust from the Stater Brothers.


  1. Oh man we must both have the Dodgers on our minds. lol I just wrote a post titled this... Picture this: Lincecum In Dodger Blue

    Let me know what you think
    ~King of Cali

  2. Hope this doesn't push you over the edge, but I believe the Spanish translates to: "This is my city."

  3. Dude, I hate the Dodgers too, and I enjoy following your blog, but come on, chill out with the anti-spanish-language thing. California, both north and south, is a multilingual place, has been for centuries. As you correctly point out, this is America: that means you're allowed to sell beer in any damn language you want.

    Also: not to raise too obvious a point, but... tell me where Los Gigantes would be right now without their three current Top 3 hitters: Sandoval, Uribe, Molina... Vamos Gigantes!

  4. How'd the game in Dodger stadium go?