Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The links edition... Get your click on!

I haven't done this in awhile, and I'm taking the defense that it's not the easy way out of a real post. Happy reading...

-- Remember '51 takes a look at the Giants 3 headed catching situation

-- Grant at McCovey Chronicles eyeballs potential replacement scenarios for Mark DeRosa in LF

-- Obsessive Giants Compulsive looks at the DeRosa situation from a "Risk Mitigation" field of thought

-- Giants farmhand Garrett Brohshius rips on Brian Sabean for dissing AAA-level baseball on his blog

-- Giants AAA pitcher Eric Hacker is 5-1 with a 2.25 ERA and 32 K's in 32 innings. Sabean obviously doesn't think much of him either, otherwise he'd get a shot.

-- Giants beatwriter Chris Haft's write up on Mark DeRosa, who called his wrist surgery a "total failure".

-- The Merc's Andrew Baggarly takes a look at Zito's stint with the Giants, starting with his bizarre new delivery in his first season.

-- Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer self-diagnosed his appendicitis... with his iPhone.

-- The Rockies are accusing the Phils of stealing signs. Cool.

-- Drew Magary's bi-weekly "Funbag" from Deadspin. It's like Bill Simmons's mailbag only much more profane and much less about sports. It's just too good for this world.

-- Fred Lewis, now hitting up a storm in Toronto, rips the Giants on the way out.

-- Myke Urban of CSN's latest blog. I think he does a great job overall.

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