Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quick Trade Update, Giants get 2 Pitchers

I'm still on the DO, and I'm actually updating this from my Moto Droid with my leg in this crazy motorized bending machine.

Anyway, Sabean, perhaps too gunshy from backfired deadline deals such as Shea Hillenbrand and Ryan Garko, decided to play this one safe-- if not overly lame.

The Giants we're connected to a ton of players. Adam Dunn, Scotty Downs, Jose Bautista, Corey Hart, Scotty Podsednik as well as a multitude of others. With the bullpen the most glaring issue, Sabean added two relievers, a matching lefty/righty combo with Hispanic names.

Firstly, John Bowker and Joe Martinez we're sent to Pittsburgh for LHP Javier Lopez.

Lopez is a lefty specialist that is under control for 2011. This year he has a 2.79 ERA in 38.2 innings. Obviously this was a huge need and I really hope Johnny Bowker gets a real shot to succeed in Pittsburgh, something I constantly harped on this year.

Here's the link for Lopez:

Ramon Ramirez from the Red Sox is a veteran righty who had some good years in Kansas City, but has only average numbers in Boston this year. In 42.1 IP this season, Ramirez has a 4.46 ERA. Which, we have to remember is in the absurdly difficult AL East. A lower level prospect, who's name escapes me in my Norco-infused haze, was sent to Boston. No one we know or love...

Ramirez is arbitration eligible for next season and it appears that he is under team control till 2013. Here's the link.

Beat LA!

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  1. I think trading Bowker is a big mistake the Giants never gave him a good shot with the big team like they have done with the other rookies I think if they gave him a decent playing time he would of work out the kinks and shown what he can do but thats Sabien this is not the first time he has paniced and trade away good players

  2. but bowker is 27 and should have worked out the kinks by now.

  3. Bowker is going to get a chance to show he's not an everyday player. For one he strikes out to much. The position he plays he needs to strike the ball better. He'll probably be another should have could have player. We've had to many of those. Good luck John I hope I'm wrong and you have great numbers in Pittsburg.

  4. Memo to Dan Turpen,

    Thank you for your service to the San Francisco Giants baseball club. Nobody knows you or loves you. Good luck in Boston.