Monday, September 20, 2010

The SD Invasion

I have been meaning to write this post for about a week. Basically, I just wanted to say how proud I am of Giants fans that invaded Petco park for that pivotal series two weekends ago. It truly shows that our fanbase is the strongest in the National League West, and that we travel well. Not only that, but Giants fans managed to nearly outnumber Padres fans in their own park! During a pennant race!

Mychael Urban on probably said it best on his blog:

"Good Lord, did the Orange and Black Faithful come strong. So one-sided was the crowd noise in San Francisco’s favor that you had to wonder if (a) there are a lot more Bay Area transplants down here than you can possibly imagine, or (b) Giants fans travel as well as the football fans at Wisconsin, University of Texas and Penn State combined.

There were indications even before the game that the Giants were going to enjoy a neutral-site vibe at worst."

Obviously San Diego is a smaller market, and it probably has a larger percentage of transplants that don't care about the Padres or Chargers, but good Lord, the way we dominated the crowd was unbelievable.

All the chants were Giants chants. Over half the crowd was decked out in orange, and I assume the Gas Lamp was also mostly orange those nights.

This SD Invasion also got to Padres closer Heath Bell, who Twittered:

That's right Heath. Those were Giants fans. I also have an account that at the airpot on Sunday night, a Southwest flight from San Diego to the Bay Area was roughly 75% Giants fans decked out in our colors... Anyway, here are some pictures from fans I know that made the trek down to San Diago. Thanks to Pete and Andrea...

And you can believe the Giants appreciated it. They all heard you guys and it fired them up... especially Krukow and Huff.

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  1. The Giants are fans truley are the best in baseball. We care about the team, we know alot about baseball and we actually fill up our stadium on a nightly basis.

    Nice report on the invasion.