Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well Freddy, see you next time...

The sooner you're able to say goodbye to Freddy Sanchez, the better.

Our most consistent hitter in 2011 has probably played the last effective baseball he'll play for our Giants this year.

He helped us win a World Series, he kept us afloat during dry streaks this year, but sadly, he's not going to be contributing much from here on out.

With the Buster, DeRosa, and Freddy all pretty much done this season, it seems like people have been dropping like flies. Almost everyone seems to have spent time on the shelf this year. And yet, we keep getting it done.

Hey, that's why good pitching is so important...

No, I don't know any inside information about Freddy's injury, but look, if you think he's coming back, you're kidding yourself.

The man has been a creaky hinge and a greaseless wheel since even before he was acquired from Pittsburgh. His joints don't work. He'll need some cream, clear, and some hardcore glucosamine geltabs to even sniff effective baseball this year. Hell, give him KY injections and put some Castrol High Mileage 10W-40 into his bloodstream. Anything to keep his joints intact.

When you dislocate your shoulder, screw up your capsule, etc., you're screwed. Especially when you play 2B and have to dive constantly (just like on the play in which he hurt himself). He can rehab all he wants, but it won't help. See "DeRosa, Mark" in the Giants Injury Encyclopedia ($659.99 at the Giants Dugout Store) if you want to see how un-rehabable injuries turn out when you try to play around with colored rubber bands, $70 ice packs, and electrolysis instead of going under the knife.

Frederick will be 34 at the start of next season, and unfortunately, thanks to an under-the-radar one year contract extension handed out to Freddy for no apparent reason in April, we will see Freddy back at 2B in 2012.

Honestly, I don't remember hearing about Freddy being extended for another $6MM, and I don't get it, now that I'm discussing it in this forum.

It's not like we have a ML ready 2B being blocked by F-Sanch, but it's just a strange extension that bothers me a lot. His knees and shoulders are just a friggin mess, and although I expect him to be okay to begin 2012, history dictates that we have to pencil him in for at least one DL stint.

With a 2012 free agent second base class headlined by Kelly Johnson and Omar Infante, I feel a little comforted that we already have a solid veteran option. However, we can't really rely on him to stay on the field the whole season. That scares me.

As for right now, I guess we press on with Manny Burriss and Bill Hall... neither of which excite me all that much. Hall has pop and Manny has speed... too bad they can't be combined into one person. I could go for that...

Then there's the matter of Fontenot coming back (does Crawford go back down?), Tejada getting hot (but with Panda at 3B, does Tejada play 2B for the first time?).

Will Sabean try to grab Mark Ellis from Billy Beane for a case of Corona and a scrub to be named later?

Questions abound, but there's one answer I do have: Freddy Sanchez is done for 2011.


  1. I hope you are wrong! Maybe that is a blind well wish, but I hope you are wrong DP! I like Freddy, and with Buster missing we need that constant energy he brings to the clubhouse, the dugout, the field, plate, crowd, ect... Match him with Panda being back and ideally we generate a few more consistant runs... Here's to wishing/hoping Freddy can rehab for a while and see some games in 2011

  2. My guess is that he's out for the season as well. You know, I like the idea of Manny Burriss, but I just haven't seen enough from the kid yet. Where is this blazing speed we always heard about? What I would really like to see is Charlie Culberson have a big second half and get a promotion to AAA. The kid is a dirtbag, and if he can hit enough, it would be a dream to see him and Crawford up the middle for a long time!