Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cabrera disaster gets worse...

For those of you who haven't heard the latest disturbing details on how Melky Cabrera tried to cover up his testosterone use, the New York Daily News dropped a massive bombshell with this article.

"In a bizarre attempt to avoid a 50-game drug suspension, San Francisco Giants star Melky Cabrera created a fictitious website and a nonexistent product designed to prove he inadvertently took the banned substance that caused a positive test under Major League Baseball’s drug program.
 But instead of exonerating Cabrera of steroid use, the Internet stunt trapped him in a web of lies. Amid the information-gathering phase of his doping case last month, his cover story unraveled quickly, and what might have been a simple suspension has attracted further attention from federal investigators and MLB, the Daily News has learned."

(Full Story Here)

I've already had enough of this story. I just want him gone and this over with, but the black mark on our season isn't seeming to go away.

It's one thing to do anything to improve your baseball ability, but to be so calculating about his drug use is beyond comprehension. This was a plan that he and his handlers hashed out and attempted to implement. Simply unbelievable.

Anyway, on to the Dodgers series. BEAT LA!

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  1. San Francisco the roids capital of baseball. Without Melky this year you would currently be in fourth. It was good while it lasted. Go cheaters !!!!