Saturday, March 30, 2013

Posey's new deal a bargain

A day later, it's sinking in. I almost feel relieved and at peace, as if the news of Buster's new megadeal somehow alleviated some of life's other stresses.

It also renews the faith that I have in the Giants organization. They're clearly committed to winning, have drafted and developed quality players with quality character, and those players want to continue winning in front of the best fans in baseball (sorry Cardinals fans...).

Yeah, it's a lot of money, but it won't hamstring the Giants into the future. Cain and Bumgarner are locked up for years and years, and while all three of our core Southerners are going to be accounting for a large chunk of cash moving forward, the dead/half-dead money of Lincecum and Zito respectively will be coming off the books after this year.

There's that, and the fact that we've won 2 in 3, in addition to AT&T Park being paid off soon. The Giants are making money hand over fist, and there's nothing to worry about.

Things are good in Giantland, that's for sure.

If you look at the next 9 years, Buster will be making an average of $18.55MM a year. A lot of money for any position player, but as we know, this isn't just any position player. If you're reading this, I don't need to sell you on Buster Posey and what he means to this lineup, this pitching staff, and this city.

The closest example to what I just mentioned is Joe Mauer, who signed his own megadeal a few years ago. Just to compare:

Mauer: 8 years, $184MM ($23MM/yr)
Posey: 9 years, $167MM ($18.5MM/yr)

I love Joe Mauer, who was also an MVP in his own right, but he's not worth close to what he's making. To be fair, the Twins locked up their St. Paul hometown hero with the Yankees and Red Sox lurking in impending free agency, so that upped the ante a bit. Still, Mauer may never have another 20 HR season again, and I'm pretty sure we can consider 20-30 dingers for Buster a lock.

As for the issue that seems to constantly come up: how long until Buster isn't a catcher anymore?

I honestly don't understand why this is constantly coming up. He's 26, not 34. He wasn't a catcher until like 5 years ago, so despite his injury a couple years ago, he's still built to last.

Couple that with the fact that he only started 111 games at catcher in 2012 (29 at 1B, the rest at DH), I feel like the Giants are taking care of their golden goose pretty well.

Now, with the potential emergence of Brandon Belt, there may not be as many opportunities to play 1B as there were in 2012 for Buster to "take days off". That may be an issue. However, the sprinkling in of AL roadtrips throughout the season allows for Buster to take some DH days to stay fresh at seemingly random times.

I think at some point, the Giants should look into making Buster into a 3B, but let's wait on it people. We're not talking about someone who's breaking down or has 10 years of catching on his knee odometer. This isn't frickin Albert Pujols. He's still a spring chicken, and we need not worry about such things right now.

Just relax and enjoy another season with one of the game's best talents-- another season of many to come.

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