Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome back Baseball, we've missed you

Well folks, another year of baseball is upon us, and I for one, couldn't be more excited. Time for more seeing eye ground balls, walk off celebrations, and plenty of torture. Ah, it sounds delightful.

As you know, I don't write this blog to make predictions or to over-analyze stats. I wait for something to fire me up, and then I tell you how I feel. Well right now, I'm just fired up to have baseball back.

It'll be an up and down season-- I can already tell. That's not me being negative, it's just sort of a reality. A lot of things have to go right for this season to be a success-- things that didn't really go right last year.

What happens if Lincecum carries a 5+ ERA all year, Scutaro only manages to play 75 games, and Vogelsong is DFA'd in May? What if Mike Morse is a creaky old hinge that forgot to WD-40 himself and misses various patches of time with strained calves and hamstrings and wrists?

I could see all these things happening like clockwork, and it concerns me.

But, you wanna know what doesn't concern me? Brandon Belt. Pablo Sandoval. Matt Cain. Madison Bumgarner. Brandon Crawford. Tim Hudson. Buster Posey.

Certainly to win another World Series (even year... :), everything must click at the right time-- but first you've got to get there. There are too many what ifs to guarantee playoffs right now, but I truly believe we have enough guys heading into their primes right now, and that this could be one of the most fun to watch Giants teams in years. If Morse and Scutaro contribute the way we know they can (and it's all about health), this team could really generate some runs and it will surprise people.

For now, let's let the season unfold, and just be grateful that baseball is back! I'll find something to rant about soon!

Dodgers Suck,


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