Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lincecum decent -- Blue Bastards cry after midnight

As we honored the great Jackie Robinson across the country yesterday, we thought of all the things he went through. Racist taunts, horrible cold shoulders, and everything else. He truly went through so much to help integrate the game we all love and we should all be grateful for that. I for one am also grateful he never had to suffer through a Josh Beckett start.


And raise your hand if at the beginning of this season you even remembered Josh Beckett being on the Dodgers? 3 of you? Yeah that sounds about right. And he's making $15.7MM this year. Lol.

It began that way, with the Dodgers' only other treasure in the history of their gross franchise, Vin Scully, and our own Jon Miller announcing various things together, followed by a couple of has-beens trying to turn back the clock to 2007.

And you know what? Our has-been did pretty well. Despite giving up (ANOTHER) home run-- and it being to the hated Booribe-- Timmy was solid. He really seems to have this walk thing under control, but still finds himself struggling a bit and pitching inefficiently. 93 pitches through 5 innings is not what you want to see, but at the same time, cutting down on the walks and longballs to a minimum are a massive step in the right direction.

With Timmy, that's what it comes down to; limiting free passes and the big hit. Unfortunately, it'll take a few more starts like yesterday's to put a dent in his rough stats to start the season. Only Bartolo Colon, Wandy Rodriguez, and Homer Bailey have given up more HRs (6) than Timmy (5). At least he has some company though as Sabathia, Shelby Miller, Dillon Gee, Brandon McCarthy, Jered Weaver, and John Lackey have all given up 5 jacks apiece thus far.

As Bob Wiley would say, "Baby steps," as we all represent Dr. Leo Marvin, getting red in the face.

Don't tell me you've never seen "What About Bob?"

Put it in your Netflix queue, you bastards.

Just trust me.

More troubling though is the rapid cooling that has befallen the Giants offense. A once mighty two week juggernaut on the road, their bats have fallen asleep at the wheel-- save for a few timely at bats randomly strung together.

It is still early obviously, but it is pretty frustrating for everyone involved when they look like the '27 Yankees one week, but then get home and look like the 2009 Giants. Sometimes, weird stuff happens.

However, I'm less worried about this group, save for the stupid Panda, than groups of the past. As I said in my initial season post, this team has too many good hitters in their primes or entering their primes not to be successful offensively.

There will be nights where you go 0-5 with the bases loaded and end up winning the game. It's a funny game.

What's not funny is Puig wearing Jackie Robinson's #42 and refusing to run out a deep fly ball out to RF in a tie game, deciding to pout like a jerkoff and walk straight to the dugout.

As Krukow said, "That's BUSH!"

Puig, the gift that keeps on giving. Every day he gives us another day to hate his guts.

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