Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A tale of two teams

What on earth is going on with the Giants? One minute, they're literally the best baseball team on the planet that can't lose. The next thing you know, they're basically the worst. It's time for medication-- for them and for us.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being jerked around. I can't stand you agree on one thing with someone, and the plan changes at the last minute. I want things planned out, so that nothing is left to chance. That's why I bring my auxiliary audio cord AND my USB cable with me on vacation in case my rental car doesn't have Bluetooth Audio or SXM.

Well, the Giants in this case had all the bells and whistles going, and my rental car was awesome. But something happened along the way, the screen went dark, and now I'm fashioning a noose out of my aux cord because of the lack of tunes.

Baseball is a harsh mistress sometimes.

There's really no way to explain how a team begins to collectively suck at the same time. It just happens I guess. It's the same thing that went on when we couldn't lose.

Unfortunately, now we're on a horrendous downslide.

The starting pitching has been horrendous, with an ERA hovering around 6.00. The hitting has been hit or miss, the power has disappeared. Their mojo has been lost.

You can blame it on Pagan's absence only to a certain degree-- because Pagan doesn't pitch. You can say we miss Belt, and we do, but Belt could hardly make a dent in these losing ways.

It all comes down to pitching, and until this rotation begins to not suck, we're in for an ugly second half of the season.

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