Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Bobby Howry did his best to blow the game for the Giants tonight, but Bengie Mo and Kung Fu Panda made sure that didn't happen.

Pablito Sandoval just rocked one out in the 9th inning off Joe Beimel to win it.

God I love this guy! The Panda and Big Money make life worth living!

Postgame notes:

--The Dodgers fell on their collective ugly face in Philly tonight, and the Giants are only 3 games back of the Blue Bastards.

-- Bengie Mo took his first walk of the season. He's on pace for like 5 this year. Hilarious.

-- Nate Schierholz made some ugly plays in right tonight, but also made a great play on a Cristian Guzman drive, playing it off the wall in a Randy Winn-esque fashion and holding the shortstop to one long ass single. Fred Lewis finally got benched for his multi-faceted nutsackery.

-- Pablito hilariously fell on his face trying for a triple in the 7th inning.

-- Regarding Pablo's disastrous-looking baserunning, Matt Cain said, "Kung Fu Panda doesn't get hurt."

GO GIANTS! (And don't forget to scroll down to my Jon Miller article)

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