Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bummer of a game

The Gyros did their best to overcome a 4-2 deficit against the Mets on Thursday. I saw some great stuff by Fred Lewis and A-Row by getting on base... followed by the Travis Ishikawa sacrifice bunt! I loved it. Small ball at its best. A couple singles by Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria, and we had another comeback on our hands!

Unfortunately the Mets had their absolute way with Brian Wilson, in his worst outing of the season by far. God, it was truly hard to watch. New York ran wild against him and lined multiple base hits off B-Wil to ground the Giants and win 7-4.

Some notes:

-- Really tough day for Bengie Molina. Poor guy allowed 7 stolen bases. 7! including 4 to David Bleepin' Wright. Not all of them can be blamed on Molina, but damn, that is one futile, frustrating night.

-- Edgar Renteria left with some sort of apparent hammy pull in the 8th inning after driving in the tying run. Hope he's okay. If he sees time on the DL, I would find it hard to believe that we wouldn't call up Kevin Frandsen to play 2B and slide Manny Burriss over to his natural position of SS.

-- Extremely classy moment in Wednesday's loss to the Nats. When Ryan Zimmerman grounded into that late inning fielder's choice effectively ending his 30 game hitting streak, the crowd gave him a standing O.

Pure class. There are very few places that would do that. St. Louis and Wrigley Field come to mind. Certainly not New York or LA.

-- Quick correction about my Jon Miller article. I said Tigers announcing legend Ernie Harwell was dead. I meant retired and no longer on the air. That was my bad. Thanks for the

The Aurilia conundrum:

What do we do with our boy Richie Aurilia? He's in the midst of his worst season ever and there is not much to look forward to. He's hitting .152 with 7 RBI and a vomit-inducing .348 OPS. In his last two AB's he's struck out with runners on in ugly fashions.

We all love Rich, he's our last remaining link to the good ol' days and he's a Giant to the core. But... at this point he's teetering dangerously close to being a detriment to the team. He signed a minor league deal in the offseason, but releasing him would be a HUGE public relations hit. He is a great guy and a valuable veteran presence, but he still needs to earn his keep.

I'm really pulling for him to get a few big hits. You should be too!

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Dodger Douchebag of the day:
Juan Pierre, who went 0-4. Good. Serves him right. Jerk.

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