Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Bengie... pulling a Kirk Gibson! I wish he'd done a fist pump, just to draw the ire of the Dodgers and their retard fans!

Not too much to say tonight other than... WHAT A HUGE WIN!

Also, we've hit two dongs in two consecutive games. That's always nice. Also of note is that yesterday, Juan Uribe and Travis Ishikawa combined for a solo and three run dinger respectively.

Today, it was Juan Uribe and the injured Bengie Molina. Interesting.

I certainly have no problem with Uribe going yard. Man he really crushes the ball. For a guy with 8 yardshots, Uribe looks like Albert Pujols up there when he gets a hold of them.

Joe Martinez on the slab tomorrow. Let's do this!

-- Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Santana in the booth on Tuesday night with Kruk & Kuip. That was certainly strange. The guy is a great man, but definitely on his own wavelength. Way to go making baseball political too man... talking about "Eight years of fear under George Bush."

I don't know about you, but I felt safer under Dubya. Haha. I'll just leave it at that.

Interested to hear if any of you readers has gone to one of the "Heritage Days" this week. I guess it was Italian night tonight, followed by Jewish, African-American, and Irish.

I love how the Irish night is on Friday. Seriously... out of all those groups drinking hardcore at the game, that's the one that will need a day off the next morning! The Brian Wilson shirts look SICK too. I would spend $20 bucks on that shirt by itself. Getting a ticket to the game is just an unbelievable throw in. I'm thinking about going myself. I just won't tell anyone that I'm only 50% Irish. I guess I can round up. It would suck to be 49%!

Let's get rowdy!

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