Monday, June 14, 2010

Slowly but surely, Bochy is figuring it out...

It's not perfect-- nothing is of course with our Giants and the backward state of the roster. Bochy at the helm has driven us all to drink, yell, spit, and burn up various internet posting outlets at one time or another. Indeed, he is slow, deliberate and frustrating in many ways.

Bochy is slow to make pitching changes, slow to walk to the mound, it even appears as though he would eat dinner slowly.

The slowest part of his behavior has been the excruciatingly slow, soccer-like execution of assembling the ideal lineup.

Interesting about this suddenly decent offense is that it is made up of modestly and/or appropriately paid players that were not expected to make up the everyday lineup card.

We all know the bummers that have befallen the Giants payroll. Renteria makes $8MM, and has been a combination of hurt and ineffective. Rowand makes $12.5MM, and is both ineffective and horrendous-- now he rides pine. DeRosa has been injured for nearly a month after hovering slightly above the Mendoza line for the first 7 weeks of the year. His $6MM salary is on the shelf, along with his wonky wrist, which for some unacceptable reason, has not been repaired yet.

Then of course there's Bengie Molina, who has been another disappointment, making around $4MM.

Let's add it up. For those of you keeping score at home (by the way, who the hell would actually do that?), that's right around $30 meeelion dollars (**Dr. Evil pinky finger thing**) of nearly dead weight in 2010.

Now, I'm not exactly sure if I'm going anywhere with the Dr. Evil reference. Maybe Brian Sabean is Dr. Evil, maybe it's Bochy. I'm not sure.

With the bizarre Frankenstein lineup that we've ended up with, we can't be upset. The additions of Pat Burrell and Buster Posey are about as cost-efficient as it gets, and the trio of Huff/Uribe/Sanchez are now looking like complete bargains and two of them are worthy of all-star consideration.

All the Sabean haters ripped on each one of these signings with the exception of Posey and Uribe, but look, somehow, things are working.

What we cannot stand as fans is the fact that money is being wasted on players either too ineffective or too injured to contribute at all. It's like, why cant any of these big salary guys work out, while the cheap guys like Huff, Santiago Casilla, Andy Torres, and Billy Mota are? I don't get it. It's the same GM making these moves, and yet there are wildly varying degrees of success involved. Back to Bochy though...

Bochy is a slow old catcher, who likes slow old vets. He can't help himself because it's who he is. Rowand is "one of our guys", Renteria "has been around for a long time", and Bengie "handles the pitching staff well". It's almost as if it causes Boch physical pain to remove former "gamers" like Rowand from the lineup, and to move the slow-learning, ADHD-riddled Pablo Sandoval down in the lineup.

It really angers knowledgeable fans like myself, and many that I talk to on Facebook/Twitter or in real life, that we've been saying things like "Call up Posey" and "drop Sandoval down in the order" and "play Nate Schierholtz" and "how do you expect John Bowker to ever hit lefties if he never faces one?"-- and being correct about them while Sloth Bochy and Sabean sit on their hands for WEEKS at a time over these decisions.

While Schierholtz is still not playing in favor of Bengie Molina, many of the things that we fans have harped on are finally being done. Posey was called up. Andy Torres leads off daily while Rowand sits. Pablo Sandoval has been yelled at and demoted in the order for being a retard, and the best players are now playing on an every day basis regardless of salary.

However, the true test of whether or not Bochy has rid himself of his foolish ways and habits will come within the next week. Yes, Gamer Renteria (I think Gamer is a biblical name), is coming off the DL, and I for one am scared as hell that he will ruin everything.

Today, everyone from Baggarly and Schulman to Amy G and Lou Seal relayed the information via Twitter that Juan Uribe would continue to start and that Renteria would not reclaim his starting spot. I'll believe it when I see it.

I can't even imagine who would sit in favor of Renteria. If it happens, it would be the most egregious injustice committed in sports since soccer was invented by fruitcakes on another continent who thought ties were an okay way to end a sporting event.

(See how I ripped on the World Cup there while remaining relevant? Damn I'm good.)

The whole point is that Bochy, after weeks of torturous lineup cards, has finally figured it out. Step two is playing Posey at catcher, putting Huff at first, Nate in right, and banishing Renteria, Rowand, and Molina to the pine, where they belong.

Things are looking up.

PS: Pat Burrell could be the "big bat" we were looking for. Imagine that. Who advocated his acquisition months ago? Yeah, it was me.

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  1. To be fair, I wouldn't say that Bochy and Sabean have been "sitting on their hands for weeks." They've been watching and waiting, sure. Baseball is not like football or basketball. It takes time for guys to get into the groove (cue Madonna). Kobe Bryant can find his rhythm one night and lose it the next. Alex Smith can look like Drew Brees one week, and Drew Barrymore the next.

    Baseball has always been more art than science. Robert Frost once said, "Poets are like baseball players. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things."

    The fact that we're a season-high 9 games over .500 and only a half-game out right now means Bochy's "slothiness" has been quite tolerable. He's giving these $$$$ guys a legitimate shot to turn it around. You know, trying to recapture that "magic inside." And for those who can't rekindle that magic, there's a bench (Rowand) or Triple-A uniform (Bowker, Velez) waiting for you. That's the fair thing to do. And that's baseball.


    p.s. I'm guessing we'll see Posey at catcher tonight calling pitches for his former Fresno battery-mate Joe Martinez. (Who knows? Could be the start of Molina's pine-time era.)