Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giants make huge trade... for Mike Fontenot

No, we didn't get Adam Dunn or Jose Guillen. What we did get is a little dude by the name of Mike Fontenot that I believe can only help the Giants.

Is he a sexy name? No. He's also 5'8, from Louisiana and is funny looking. What he does bring to the table is defensive versatility, smart play, and fundamentals. Again, this is not game changer and is the furthest thing from a power hitter, but our bench has been perteptually thin -- especially now with Renteria injured, Uribe's tender hammy acting up, Sanchez slumping badly, and Manny Burriss as nothing more than a fast question mark.

Fontenot, played with fellow NL Westers Ryan Theriot and Brad Hawpe at LSU (Also Brian Wilson's alma mater). He was also hilariously and absurdly connected to Megan Fox romantically at one time, which makes me simultaneously chuckle and wish it was true. Here's a link:

Theriot it a plus defender at 3 positions-- 2B, SS, and 3B. In split duty this year (in limited time), he has only made 6 errors and has a .984 career fielding percentage. Practically, he fits a need for a lefty off the bench and someone who can fill in for Panda, Uribe, or Sanchez at any time. Scrappy players like Fontenot are great assets to have-- not game changers by any means, but do not take anything away from you.

For you Sabermetric fruitcakes, his WAR is -0.1. Not that it effing matters. Go back to pleauring yourselves to Fangraphs if you want to know his ZXYO--SwingUZR¥$ Percentage.

In exchange for Fontenot, the Gyros traded A-Baller OF Evan Crawford to Chicago. Crawford's numbers are unimpressive, but he was a former 9th rounder for the Giants a couple years ago.

Fontenot made $1MM this season and is arbitration eligible for a few more years, so if desired, he could be an inexpensive backup infield option for years to come.

Since I am blogging on my Moto Droid out of the house right now (God Bless America), I can't add any fancy linked text. So you'll have to click on a long ass old-fashioned link for Fontenot's stat page. Sorry.
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