Monday, April 2, 2012

Cain a Giant through 2017!

Good for you, Giants front office, and good for you Matt Cain!

Looks like the new deal is a five year, $112.5MM deal. My calculator tells me that the average is $22.5MM a year-- no joke. And hey, he'll be worth every penny. Just look at all the other teams that would've given him the same money to pitch for them.

In my last article, I made a point to talk about market value and the true absence of the concept of a "hometown discount". The Giants knew that if they didn't act now, the price would go up next winter in a bidding war. Kudos to them for not being cheap idiots and Kudos to Cain for not being a greedy bastard and holding out for more years. A five year deal is ideal for both sides because it minimizes risk for the Giants, but also gives Cain the ability to negotiate one more sizeable deal in his mid 30s.

It's a win-win for everyone, especially us fans. Thanks Giants for doing the right thing and getting it done.

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