Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hitting rock bottom never looked so good

My all SF rally beer didn't work. :(
As I drink my sorrows away with my (supposed) rally/jinx beer that I purchased during the 7th inning of the Homer Bailey no-hitter, I can't help but try to cheer myself up. The first thing I did was post a video of Buster Posey's NLDS granny against Nutsac Latos. The next thing I did was think about how to cheer up the rest of Giantsland without blowing smoke up everyone's ass.

Welp. Here goes...

As I detailed in my last post, the NL West is weird and lame. If the D-Backs end up winning their rain delayed game against the Mets, we're 4 games back of 1st. If they lose, we're still just 3.5 games back.

A team playing this badly has no business being in 1st right now, this is true. But hey, it's attainable and it's right there for the taking. Arizona hasn't gotten a win out of a starting pitcher in like a month, and neither Colorado or San Diago have made their move. It's like a division stuck in a vacuum.

The schedule doesn't get any easier on paper. We play a pretty much all teams above or near .500 other than Milwaukee, the Mets, and Florida (who plays us tough). There are a ton of divisional games remaining, and those are all opportunities to get hot and take out the rest of the NL West, one foe at a time. Easier said than done, clearly.

The month of July brings some relief in the form of the all-star break, and 15 home games-- all 15 taking place after this Reds series (with only 6 road games mixed in).

There's also the matter of help on the way. The non-waiver trade deadline is arriving soon.

This team needs a couple days off and an infusion of talent. Is Alex Rios a savior? No, but not once this season has this team managed to run on all cylinders.

The starting pitching (minus Kickham) is trending in the right direction. Cain/Bum are pitching much better and even Zeets has only given up 7 earnies in his last 18 IP. Get Gaudin back, and we're looking at a decent staff.

Obviously, our hitters have to wake up and we need more consistent bullpen appearances, but these type of things just click randomly sometimes. We just need everyone to start getting on board at the same time. That's how teams get hot and make runs. We have 3 legitimate top 50 hitters, including the reigning MVP, and some other guys that can't possibly hit worse. Panda and Crawford are in season-worst slumps right now, they can only get better.

We've been down to the wire in the playoffs before, and won it all. Just remember.

You'll see, this team has its run left in them. And if you don't believe me, just go home and look at pictures of our two World Series trophies.

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