Thursday, April 23, 2015

Giants sweep LA and find their footing

There are few things more satisfying than neatly piling up dust, debris, and various garbage, then unceremoniously removing it from the ground in which is lays. Sweeping they call it.

Indeed these Giants, weirder and more unpredictable than ever, managed to remove blue pieces of trash from their unsullied yard in their first three game set of the year against LA.

I for one, did not see this one coming.

But hey, baseball is a funny game, sometimes a team needs to hit the road for two weeks or face a tough rival while at their lowest to get their minds right.

Certainly this team has major holes, but sweeping the dreaded Blue Bastards before hopping a flight to Denver could certainly be what the doctor ordered. Being on a team means rolling with the punches, lifting each other up, and celebrating when things go well.

I'd say a sweep including back to back walkoffs, followed by a happy flight is a helluva good way to get some revenge on the Rockpile and get this ship sailing in the right direction.

Thoughts about stuff

  • This Justin Maxwell sure is helping us out. It's going to be a shame that he'll likely ride pine once Pence comes back.
  • Same with Matt Duffy. When does he play? Who loses time? Do you simply rotate him through the infield giving guys a day off?
  • Belt is looking better, but we need him to get hot. We've been waiting so long for this guy to have a complete breakout year, and he's struggling horribly. Hopefully this Thursday performance will help get his confidence up. He's streaky, remember?
  • Casilla is not exactly inspiring much confidence right now, but he's not doing horribly. I'd say a couple blown saves puts him on the hot seat, but that hasn't happened. If he does continue to walk this tightrope and starts to fail, Bochy will probably just go back to Romo, which sounds even less enticing. I'd almost rather have Affeldt do it if it comes to that. Fingers crossed he gets his affairs in order.
  • Lol Don Mattingly. I love when he gets mad.
  • Who the hell is this Alex Guerrero guy? Whoever he is, I just picked him up in both my fantasy leagues. Sorry, gotta take a chance.
  • Nothing could screw up this Dodger-sweeping high like going to Denver and having the New Blake Street Bombers light up all our starters leading to an obliterated bullpen. Again. Fingers-crossed. Those guys can hit.

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