Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Giants can't score

I looked up from my sushi at the TV briefly. I had lost track of time getting back from work and stopping home. The Giants were on already. Damn, I'd missed the beginning!

Then I squinted across the restaurant at the score.


First thought that popped into my head? Honestly?

"Ah shit, that's all the Rockies are going to need, isn't it."

And it was.

Then I took a swig of my Sapporo, the only beer on draft, made a disgusted face and thought, "Ugh. Seriously??" That stuff is gross. Truly awful beer, but at least it's not Kirin Ichiban. That stuff should be illegal. I think if I ever go to Japan I'm going to order anything but Japanese beer (unless Aoki buys it for me).


Sure we're only a few games into a marathon and they've had injuries, but there's really no good excuse for a capable team like this being so offensively inept. Capable of winning a game every now and then by feathering the ball into the gaps or stealing a base mind you-- I never said they would hit any home runs.

(Unless you own a 41 pound cat and are named after a fringe Simpsons character).

No one is here to freak out, but this team has too many guys that have started out cold.

Pagan (.378), Aoki (.375, 6BB, 3 SB), and Duffman (.333) are the only guys on the roster hitting over .250 right now, and save for Buster who has 2 HR with a .219 avg., no one is doing much of anything. I mean look at these guys below.

It's totally gross. Belt is hitting .118.

These guys really need to figure it out if this team is going to stay afloat-- let alone succeed.

Thoughts and stuff

  • How good is Nolan Arenado? Just another all-world talent that is going to waste away in a Rockies uniform. I'm developing a serious baseball crush on him. Sorry, but you can't deny how good he is. Just think what this cat is going to make when he's a free agent if Doofus Sandoval got what he did. Speaking of cats...
  • I'm already tired of hearing about Matt Duffy's giant cat, and yet I've brought it up like six times in this post. I'm part of the problem.
  • Tim Lincecum didn't look horrible in his debut, which is good. What's bad is that he gave up that dong to Arenado early on. This team already has problems scoring runs, it doesn't need first or second inning deficits to worry about. 4 runs is too much to overcome these days.
  • How do we keep Matt Duffy's bat in the lineup once McGehee returns? It's pretty clear that the Duffman means business. My thought? Put him at 3B, move McGehee over to 1B, and sit Belt down vs. LHP until he shows any signs of life. It's too early to declare any sinking ships, but we're leaking already. Or sit Crawford. Or Panik. Sit them all.
  • This whole 14 days in a row thing is rough on the Giants. Even though they haven't had to fly much and started the year 20 minutes from their Spring Training facilities, it's a difficult thing to be thrust into two straight weeks with no off days. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Cardinals have already had 3 off days. CONSPIRACY. 

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