Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick notes from the Dodgers series

-- Wow, that 13 inning game yesterday was a real hootenanny!

-- Anyone else throw up in their mouths when Brian Wilson blew that save? It's like, "Oh God, how are we gonna be able to score another run!?"

-- Timmy wasn't sharp yesterday

-- Please click this to see what the real definition of a Merkin is. I'm serious. Click this. You won't be able to stop chuckling when ever Merkin Valdez gets put into the game.

-- The Merc's Andrew Baggarly reported yesterday as well as Dave Flemming on the KNBR broadcast that Casey Blake mocked Brian Wilson's arm-crossing heaven point celebration in the dugout after he tied up the game. Here is a small excerpt from The Extra Baggs blog:

"I asked if he’d remember the next time he faced Blake. Wilson shrugged and clamped his mouth shut. From the next locker over, Jeremy Affeldt said, “Blake knows what he did.”"

-- I for one, love it. I know that Brian Wilson does that gesture in relation to his Christian faith and his late father. I personally, would not mess with him. So, we may have a Jose Mesa - Omar Vizquel-like public vendetta situation here.

But Wilson is too smart to announce to the world that he's going to break Casey Blake's ribs the next time he faces him. He's just going to do it. That, or the Big Unit is going to take care of it for him.

You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby. Now you're gonna die.

-- Time to option Travis Ishikawa and Eugenio Velez to Fresno. They are basically worthless to us right now. I'd rather fly with Aurilia at first for now and call up this guy...

-- Jesus Guzman, the guy we stole from the A's for free has been absolutely RAKING in Fresno. In 118 AB's in AAA, Guzman is hitting .322 with 6 HR and 23 RBI. Stick this son of a bitch at first base and hope he gets it.

-- Also bring up Kevin Frandsen who is hitting .295 with 16 RBI. Manny Burriss has been playing better, but both of these guys play better when the other is looking over their shoulder.

-- Fred Lewis is drawing the ire of Giants fans everywhere. He isn't hitting, he isn't fielding, and we're all over how cool is his reflective orange sunglasses look during day games.

-- Madison Bumgarner and Timmy Alderson are now in Double A Connecticut.

-- Get these guys ready to step into the rotation as soon as possible. Bumgarner could be ready now. We need to trade Sanchez for hitting.

--I'm assuming Big Money Molina will get the day off today after catching 13 innings. We'll probably see Holm in there today vs. the Nats.

-- Dude, the Giants just took 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers in LA. Very good stuff. This is a maddening team to follow right now, but they are somehow hanging in there. This is a scrappy squadron and with Manny out regrowing his nutsac, we've got a real chance to make the playoffs. Let's do this.


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