Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just a quick post here before I hit the hay...

Barry Zito is finally showing us some of the stuff we thought we were getting when we foolishly gave him $126 million a couple years ago.

Zeets scattered 8 hits and 2 walks over 6 strong innings while allowing only 1 run and striking out 5 Dodger Douches-- Dodger Douches who looked like a bunch of little kids whose alpha male leader got sent to detention.

More important than Zito's stats in the Giants 3-1 victory at Chavez Ravine, was his attitude, aggressiveness, and his newfound consistency. In Zito's last 4 starts, he has allowed 3 runs or less and have all been quality starts.

Tonight, Barry was snorting, huffing, and hurling up there-- straight balling. He was pissed off when he allowed a hit, he was fired up when he struck a guy out or got out of a jam, and he definitely looked like a guy who was pumping iron and getting extreme all summer with Brian Wilson.

Zito finally got himself a win, and man did he deserve it. Let's hope he doesn't become the Matt Cain of the past two seasons and get screwed by a lack of run support. If he keeps this up, that shouldn't be too hard to snag a few W's.

I noticed a turning point tonight in Zito other than his emotion and his willingness to challenge hitters inside. It took place in the 5th inning. Barry had two Dodgers on base and was looking a little frustrated.

Brandon Medders was warm out in the pen and Bochy came out, apparently intending to make a switch. Although NBC 11 went to a commercial and we were unable to see the conversation between Zeets and Boche, to my amazement, Zito remained in the game!

That would not have happened the past two seasons. The old Barry Zito would have come out of the game. Something has changed in him. He's confident, he's pissed off, and he's throwing strikes. He also lowered his ERA to 3.57, which is beyond respectable.

His hook was working tonight, his changeup was setting up his fastball, and he was consistently painting the outside corner against righties.


(Oh yeah... and we were able to somehow eek out 3 runs.)


We were able to prevent Chad Billingsley from nailing down his sixth win.

Quick game note: Pablo Sandoval has cemented his position as Zito's personal catcher. This helps get Bengie Mo a day off, but man it seems to be working. Kung Fu Panda and Zeets seem to have a great rapport and Pablo is no slouch behind the dish. He threw out Juan Pierre as he tried to steal 3rd tonight. Love it.

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