Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A great day

If you heard about the now legendary "Giants pitching staff as women" blog, click here.

Yesterday against the Pirates, Los Gigantes showed up.

It was an extremely emotional day, as there was a a brief on field memorial for former Giants owner and biggest fan, Sue Burns. Kruk and Kuip did a great job up there, and it was certainly well done.

It has been well documented that the Burns family, especially Sue, absolutely adored Barry Bonds-- and he them.

Perhaps it's still too soon for the rest of the world, but Giants fans want Barry back in our lives. Seeing him out there throwing out the first pitch with Rich Aurilia to Sue's daughters, then in the stands with her granddaughters on his knee laughing and joking, in the dugout encouraging Tim Lincecum before the game, and cheering in the owners box during the game was heartwarming. It really was.

Bonds gave us a lot of joy and elation over the years as real Giants fans know. To deny him the dignity of being part of the organization (if he wants to), is simply unacceptable at this point (witch hunt trial pending or not).

As for Sue Burns. Lest we forget, that together with Peter Magowan and the signing of Bonds, the Burns's saved the Giants from moving to hell-- aka Tampa-St. Pete.

Thank you.

LinCYcum in action:

Timmy threw an absolute complete game gem last night. He was only the 3rd Gyros pitcher to throw at least 15 since A-Hole Schmidt did it in 2006, and Gaylord Perry in 1966. Wow.

His offspeed stuff was disgusting filth last night, and was almost unhittable. And of course, our patchwork lineup mustered 4 runs. Woohooo! I certainly groaned when I'd seen that Velez was playing.


Trade Action:

As you know, we acquired Ryan Garko for A baller Scott Barnes.

I am happy with the Garko acquisition. He hits lefties well, is solid defensively, and can play each corner outfield position. Plus he was a Stanford standout back in the day.

He's also under Giants control, as he'll be up for arbitration after this season.

As for what we gave up in Scott Barnes... well he's been a minor league watcher's favorite unknown prospect along with LF Thomas Neal. Barnes had a 2.85 ERA, and a darn near 9.00 K/9 rate along with 12 wins. Wins cannot be projected obviously, but Barnes has a couple plus pitches and the strikeouts do project to the next level.

I think about it like this... we just drafted LHP Zach Wheeler in the amateur draft. He steps right into the void left by Barnes in the system. Sounds better that way. Barnes isn't ready to contribute yet anyway...

Luckily, we have young pitching to spare!

Now let's get Freddy Sanchez and Josh Willingham!


  1. how the view from eight games back?

  2. The only view we're worried about is the one where we're tied for first in-- the wild card. Inevitably the Dodgers will fail in the playoffs, and I hope to God it's because we get a crack at them.

    But, we may not get that chance. If Billingsley is your ace. You won't last past the first round.

    Go Giants.