Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ugh, Orlando Cabrera

Well, Sabean must've read the article I wrote 3 hours ago, because he didn't stand pat. Looks like he got the SS that everyone gets every trade deadline and someone else signs every winter to a one year deal... only to be traded again to a contender a few months later.

He's played everywhere else... why not San Francisco?

I guess one 59 year old Colombian SS helped us last year and we got a 58 year old Colombian to help us this year.

I sound bitter, I know, but I really can't help it. I wanted a REAL impact player to play short. I wanted Jose Reyes. I know it wasn't realistic, but I wanted him anyway.

Cabrera, who has now been traded for the 4th time and will be playing for his 9th team, is only MAYBE better than TeCrawfenot, and having a terrible year for the confusing Cleveland Indians. Honestly, he brings no real promise of a better tomorrow.

He's 36, is hitting just .244, and doesn't have nearly the clutch history that Edgar Renteria has.

It's one of those moves that I believe Sabean just made to make a move. It's more for the fans than the team on the field, and with jerks like me clamoring for huge moves, it doesn't surprise me.

It's possible that Cabrera's move to a team in a real pennant race might get his juices flowing, but those juices have been in decline since he left the Expos.
I hope he proves me wrong, but this is just a stupid move. On top of it, as I'm writing this, I hear that Thomas Neal is the guy we traded.

Was Neal disappointing and slow to develop? Yes, but in my opinion, the Indians just made out like complete thieves in this deal, and have a chance to get Neal on track to be the starting Major League OF that we all expected him to be.

I get making a move to shore up SS, but I just don't get this move.

Yes, I get that TeCrawfenot can't hit, but as of 2011, neither can Cabrera. The only explanation (baseball-wise) is that Cabrera has been a member of 6 playoff teams, won a World Series with Boston, and has had 163 playoff plate appearances.

But, by the same token, he's a .228 playoff hitter and has only hit over .300 in ONE out of the NINE playoff series he's taken part in ('04 ALCS w/BOS when they came back to beat NYY after being down 0-3). Even scarier is that in the lower pressure Divisional Series rounds, he's gone a combined 15-83 for a .181 career average.

Not only that, but Cabrera has grounded into 10 double plays in '11 while amassing 40 strikeouts versus only 13 walks on the year.

I really hate to run down the guy, because he's had a very respectable big league career, won a ring, and is one of only two Colombian MLB players (that I know of) in history, but it's kinda like... "Thanks, but I'll pass..."


  1. Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself. Well said.

  2. This is a bit strong. The guy is a good defensemen and a solid (though by no means great) hitter. The whole point of adding him (along with the short-term contract with Beltran) is to mount a strong defense of the title. I understand the desire to build a strong team over time, but the Giants have not only a responsibility to defend their title, but a legitimate shot to repeat. They need players that can play right now.

    While this isn't an exciting move, it is a necessary one. By adding Cabrera they get a gold glove SS and adequate hitter. It may not be a trade a love, but its a trade I like.