Monday, December 3, 2012

Pagan receives money, will continue working for Giants

You already know about this, because you're a normal person in 2012. I just thought I should reiterate, because I'm a blogger and it is my self-appointed job to regurgitate news that you already know and pretend like you need to hear it from me to make myself feel important.

We all wanted to continue the Pagan worship that we enjoyed last season-- but at a reasonable cost.

Ostensibly, Pagan is going to make $10MM a year. Pretty damn steep if you ask me. Last year I didn't expect him to be better than a fringe starter. Now all of the sudden, he's a $10MM a year man. Hard to figure, but he had a career year and he fits perfectly into the Giants' style of play and ballpark.

You also have to consider the pathetic FA market this off season and the fact that BJ Upton, who although younger and more gifted,  plays the game half as hard as Pagan and he got 5/$75MM from Atlanta.

If that no-effort nutsac with a sub .800 OPS gets $15MM a year, then Pagan is certainly worth his deal. Supply and demand...

Assuming he has 4 similar seasons to 2012, I have no problem with this seemingly bloated contract. He plays plus defense and gets on base. He had 15 triples last year and is a good base runner.

He might be overpaid now, but he's a good guy and a good player. Plus, after winning "two in three", I really don't give a rat's ass about the Giants' revenue stream or finances anymore.

They've somehow managed to do what they've done by making tons of head scratching moves, and although we can't stop analyzing or questioning things, I feel like there has to be a higher level of trust between us fans and the front office at this juncture.

On that note, I do trust in their ability to re-sign Marco AND Brian Wilson.

I know people are turned off by Wilson's supposed interest in the Blue Bastards, but that is just a negotiating tactic and apparently they aren't interested in him anyway. He wants as much guaranteed money as possible and that's the way pro sports works at this point.

Even if Romo is the closer now, I'd like to see Wilson back, at least for one year in some capacity. I know it's just sentimental, but I don't care.

We'll see what happens.

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