Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Timmy Ballgame strikes again!

How awesome is Timmy Lincecum? Totally awesome. Toats McGoats.

The guy is simply THE MAN, and continues to show why he is the best pitcher in baseball. Isn't that amazing? I think what's also amazing is that despite not winning that coveted World Series (overrated anyway... quietly sobbing), we've had the best player in the league for a lot of our franchise's history.

Naturally it's debatable whether Willie and Barry were the best each out of their prime years, but let's think about it for a second. Based on their prime years, the Giants had the best player in baseball-- Willie Mays-- for 15 years (21.5 years with Giants), and then had Barry Bonds 15 years-- 13 out of which he was the best player in baseball. That's 28 years since 1954 that we've had the best player in the universe (up through 2007). I'm going to go ahead and give Lincecum's dominant Cy Young season of 2008 the nod as baseball's best (and seriously, how can you argue?). That makes 29 out of 54 years since 1954 that the Giants have had the most disgusting beast in all the land. That's 54%!

Absolutely incredible.

I'm assuming that only the Yankees can rival that sort of disgusting filth. Go Giants.

Quick Cubs series wrap up:

What on earth are we doing flying to Chicago for a two game series? Seriously? It's like, c'mon scheduling jerks. Now we have to go to Colorado? What the hell was the point of that? I've had my beefs before with the moronic schedulers at MLB before. I'm just sick of the asinine stupidity.

I'm also sick of constantly playing the same 4 damn teams every day for a month. Other than opening with 3 against the Brew Crew and these last two against the Cubbies, we've played 20 games solely against NL West dopes. Before we get to Washington on May 11, we will have played 25 out of 30 games against these boring jerks. Enough! I need some variety!

Anyway, as is our M.O., we couldn't score any runs against stupid Ryan "Dumpster" Dempster and Los Ositos on Monday, while Jonathan Sanchez gave up 4 runs in only 4 innings of work. The 4 earned don't tell the whole story. He was all over the place, walking 6, and hitting a batter. He threw 101 pitches in 4 IP... that's not good. As Eddie Money would put it, Sanchez had "No Control".

As for today, Timmy was lights out. He K'd 7, and rocked out for 7 innings, his crazy mop flowing in the Wrigley breeze. And how about this for a change... the lineup actually gave him some early runs! Yessssssssssss!

Bengie Mo went yard off Sean Marshall, and it looked like so much fun that Aaron Rowand actually knocked in not one--- but two runs with a double off the wall! God, was that ever a welcome sight!

Prior to Tuesday's game, as pointed out by ESPN.com, the Giants had failed to score A SINGLE RUN for their past 3 starters. Not good. Sabean... PLEASE HELP.

Also of note is that Cubs skipper Lou Piniella was so terrified of Timmy Franchise making his fancy men in tights look foolish, that he benched all of his best players. Haha. What a loser. Timmy doesn't care who he strikes out! Could be Alfonso Soriano, or it could be some nutsac up from Peoria for a cup of coffee. He is that cool.

DODGER DOUCHEBAG(S) OF THE DAY: Rafael Furcal & Russell Martin who have combined to go 3-13 with 1 run and 0 RBI in their last two games. Losers!

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